“The eye is the lamp of the body.  So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light”.  Matthew 6:22 (ESV).

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This morning I woke up really hungry, and looking at these two images gives me all kind of choices to choose from. Hmmm, what is a girl to do? I would love to eat some of the food in the image to the right, which would definitely put a smile on my face, in my mouth and my tummy. But there are also some foods in the image to the left that would have the same results as the other.  As I go through this journey of transforming my eating habits and behaviors; I am learning to make wise choices.  I have to change the way I see and look at food.

I want my whole body to be healthy and the only way that is going to happen, is if I manage what I put inside of it.  Excess processed sugars early in the morning are not wise choices, it causes my body to respond in a hyperactive way, spiking my insulin levels and causing havoc on my internal bodily rhythm.  So what do I do if I have a craving for something sweet and satisfying? Bananas are sweet and so are pineapples and many other fruits, why not curb the craving for sugar with natural sugars? Instead of eating a breakfast full of highly processed foods let’s give it a break for at least the first meal we encounter in our day. Adding protein to our meal is also a way of providing our muscles with the nutrients they will need to continue to perform and develop at optimum level.

Our eye is the beginning of our transformation, we must see food differently than we have in the past, and our transformation is an ongoing process. And so with that said how we see the food we are eating will contribute to either our success or a long journey of disappointment and fad diets. God gave us a rainbow of food to choose from to live an abundant life, man on the other hand has devised a way to get quick fixes with some despairing consequences.  Now don’t get me wrong I do dabble in the bad stuff from time to time, I am learning to lessen my dabbling to more beneficial and rewarding results.  My desire for anyone who may be reading this post, is that they begin to use their eye as the canvas for their diet, not to make drastic changes all at once, but to gradually make changes and look at the results they are receiving from the choices they are making. When it comes to food and nutrition we should have an eye for whole and natural delicacy’s that will fuel our bodies for whatever mission has been placed upon us.

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