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Small Steps Lead to Big Results

Starting something new

As I lay here in the early morning hour’s thoughts concerning my grand opening flood my mind. I must say I’m getting more and more nervous, excited, and anxious all at the same time. Lord, what am I doing? Is the question that comes to mind constantly. I’m taking a big leap of faith putting this business together. I hope and pray that all goes well and that the little insecurities I am feeling are from human reactions and not self doubt

Why am I so nervous? I’ve completed difficult task before, right? I’ve given briefings to colonels in the military, sang before people I’ve never met, and even pitched a few ideas to people who I had the ultimate respect for, so why is this so different? I know why, this is a private and public journey that puts me at graces of many that will see and judge my strengths or weaknesses, this puts me at the mercies of others who will determine my success. Wow, this is scary, I pray that I cut the mustard, I pray that those who will frequent my establishment will see what I know I have inside of me, love and determination. These are the thoughts of a new business owner

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