Have you ever been discouraged because some goals seem too far removed from your grasp? Or how about convincing yourself that you could never achieve a goal because of time constraints, other engagements, because its too hot/cold, too early/too late or I’m too old/sick/not built for that? Most of us have. We often feel that in order to make a change in our life, we have to radically overhaul one or more facets of our daily routine. A massive modification in a short period of time! Right?

the compound effect

Enter the Compound effect….the strategy to reaping huge awards from small insignificant actions. Thank you Mr. Darren Hardy who wrote the book “The Compound Effect” about this phenomena and coined the phrase.

So in short “Little Steps lead to Big Results”. Sounds familiar? Lets put some math to that.

 If a person drinks three cans of soda every day for one week per year, at 2898 calories, it will make a rather small difference to their health and weight. But if a person drinks one can of soda every day for a year it equals:

 138cal x 365 days= 50370 Cal                                 (138 Cal per Soda)

50370 Cal : 3500 Cal= 14.39 pounds!!!              (3500 Cal equal one pound)

I’m reaching for my Water!

Luckily the same principle applies to fitness. If you exercise for 10 minutes every day you will end up with having exercised almost 60 hours a year. Put in one rest day and you still exercised 52 hours a year.

10 minutes are easy to do right?  Not to mention the benefits if you add some weekly classes! Build some equity in yourself. An Italian Proverb says: Piano Piano se va lontano, (slow, slow one goes further)

All it takes is to just get started. Step over the start line and go.

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