Finally, we are finishing with the 8 limbs of yoga.  Just as a reminder, here are the first 6 limbs of yoga.  Yama – Social Ethics Niyama – Personal Ethics Asana – Yoga postures Pranayama – Breath control Pratyahara – Withdrawing the senses Dharana – Concentration If you missed any of the previous blog posts…

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7-Years of Growing – what I’ve learned

Well, here we are, May 2022, and it has been a journey for this small business the last seven years. I never thought that after seven years, I would be writing a blog/newsletter like this one.  Some of you who are taking the time to read this, have been with me and Restoring Bodies for…

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Yoga – an 8 limbed system – Part 5

By Chris Irrgang Continuing with our journey through the 8 limbs of yoga, we come to the 5th & 6th limbs.  I am combining these two limbs because they are so closely related.  The 5th limb is Pratyahara which translates to the withdrawal of the senses.  Doesn’t that sound mystical?  Actually, whenever we practice yoga…

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Yoga – an 8 limbed system – Part 4

 “The respiratory system is the gateway to purifying the body, mind and intellect.  The key to this is pranayama.”  BKS Iyengar So far in our blogs, we have covered the Yamas (social ethics), Niyamas (personal ethics), and Asana (postures.)  We move on now to Pranayama. Prana means breath, lifeforce or energy.  Ayama means restriction or…

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Yoga – an 8 limbed system – Part 3


“My body is my temple and asanas are my prayers.” B.K.S. Iyengar In previous blogs I talked about the first two limbs of yoga – the Yamas (social ethics) and Niyamas (personal ethics).  We are now up to the limb with which everyone is most familiar, the postures.  In Sanskrit, this limb is Asana.  The…

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Yoga – an eight limbed system – Part 2


In my previous blog, I discussed the first of the Eight Limbs of Yoga.  In this blog, we are moving to the second limb, the Niyamas.  The first limb, the Yamas, referred to the social ethics we, as yogis, aspire to follow.  The Niyamas refer to the personal ethics we aspire to.  Briefly, the Niyamas…

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Recovery Reality

Oh, sweet recovery, come to me. This is hard. Harder than I anticipated. But slowly but surely I will get there. In December I tore my Achilles’ tendon. As much as I wish I had a cool story to go along with this, like I was doing a 10k for charity…I don’t. Reality is, I…

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Yoga – an eight limbed system – Part 1

Yoga – an eight limbed system

As I stated in a previous blog, yoga is much more than physical postures.  Yoga is made up of 8 distinct limbs, postures are limb number 3.  Here are the 8 limbs in Sanskrit and their approximate definition.  Yama – Social Ethics Niyama – Personal Ethics Asana – Yoga postures Pranayama – Breath control Pratyahara…

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Healthy Back, Happy Body – Introducing a New Class!

healthy back healthy body

We are happy to announce a new class for you. Healthy Back, Happy Body will teach you the 7 steps to posture improvement.  Keeping your back healthy is so important! Besides helping you avoid pain, it keeps your entire body youthful, and who doesn’t want that! This new 8-session yoga course starts March 1 at…

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Do we ever stop growing?


We all grow.  From the time we are born, our bodies continuously grow and get bigger.  (Sometimes not in a direction that we may want!)  But, have you ever noticed the curious phenomenon that as you grow up, at one point you start growing down? If you’ve reached your mid-fifties or later, go ahead, measure…

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