tammi-photosTammie S. Shingleton-Brown, CEO and Founder of Restoring Bodies Fitness & Nutrition Services a Christian based organization has a passion and desire to see people of all backgrounds achieve a healthy and productive lifestyle. One passion that burns deep within her soul is the health and wellness of the Local Church Community. Spiritual fitness is none the less the main focus of the church, but by observance from Tammie, the Local church quietly ignores the physical well being of their patrons. Tammie is a retired Chief Warrant Officer and realizes too well the importance of health and fitness of personnel to accomplish the mission at hand. RBFS wants to challenge the faith-based communities and it's leaders to gain full knowledge and understanding of the importance of fitness and nutrition in the body of Christ and become the ambassadors to mainstream society.

Served in the United States Army for 20 plus years. A career spent teaching, encouraging, and motivating groups of personnel to obtain successs in goal setting and accomplishment. Volunteered as a fitness instructor while still serving on active duty at Fort Hood, Tx, Implemented an indoorcycling program while serving in Afghanistsn 2010-2011. She has continually sought out programs and education to hone her profession of choice. Accomplished a short term goal of certification in Personal Training, Group Fitness and Spin for the past four years. Fulfilling the goal daily of Teaching people the importance of setting realistic short and long term goals through instructing, coaching, facilitating, role modeling and sound leadership.

o motivate people from all walks of life, to live life to the fullest and enjoy the journey. Educate individuals on the importance of health and fitness. It's not just something to do, it's something we do daily.