Restoring Bodies exists for one reason: to create an environment that embodies the idea that people don’t have to just age, they can Age Gracefully.

Our facility is designed to encompass an alternative way to remaining vibrant, healthy, and full of life through nutrition, functional fitness, and holistic programs. Here at Restoring Bodies, our classes are designed with the older adult community in mind. We have created a facility for those who are of a certain age and enjoy the benefit of healthy living within their own locale and abilities.

We do not only offer fitness classes, but we also offer a holistic concept: It’s not just about fitness, it’s about quality of life. We offer nutritional counseling from a Registered Dietitian, yoga, balance training, strength training, cardio classes, and have partnered with a Physical Therapist.

Our Mission is to provide an effective way for the Aging Gracefully community to remain healthy and connected to society through inclusive and holistic programs.

Our goal is to create a facility that continually offers the growing Aging Gracefully community a place that is designed for them, a place where they can feel welcomed and appreciated. We are a company that believes no one should be left behind and unaddressed.

Restoring Bodies Fitness & Nutrition Services was established in May 2015 as Tammie S. Brown; a disabled veteran, found that her disabilities shouldn’t limit her abilities to remain healthy. She quickly realized that there was a community out there that was underserved, overlooked, and wanting more out of life as they aged.

Even though there are Senior Centers, Silver Sneakers fitness programs and a few other programs that assist the Aging Gracefully community; there were not enough offerings for those who are active and want to remain so as they continue to age. According to a published Pubmed article in September of 2020, people are living longer, but their ability to maintain Active Daily Living activities decline as they age.  

This is the “why” behind Restoring Bodies: Preventing older adults from having limitations in their daily at home activities through functional fitness, nutrition, community, and mental health programs is the goal behind our who, what, and why.