aging gracefully

Aging Gracefully is a program developed for those who have the desire to continue to remain mobile and healthy for as long as they can. This program combines ability appropriate Yoga with fun and exciting circuit training classes that will keep you moving, feeling vibrant and young. Come join us for a community that is like no other, a community that specifically has you in mind.  These classes are designed for those who are 45 and older.  

Aging Gracefully Circuit Training Class

Designed to maintain muscle mass as continue to mature.  With exercises that incorporate either body weight or free weight exercises, you will feel more energetic, burn more calories at rest and feel as though you have found the fountain of youth. All exercises are modified to benefit the participant and achieve new goals in their journey for a healthy, wealthy and full life experience.

Aging Gracefully Yoga Class 

Modern yoga probably brings to mind photos of thin, twenty-something year old women doing impossible looking body postures.  While that is certainly a part of yoga, the other 90% of yoga practitioners look and move quite differently.  In fact, many people come to yoga later in life because their doctors told them that it would be good for them.

In this class, you will learn that yoga can be adapted for everybody.  You will learn postures to strengthen and stretch muscles, protect joints, and promote balance.  Yoga props such as blocks, chairs and blankets will be used to make the postures accessible to everyone.  We will also cover pranayama (breathing techniques) to promote relaxation.

Participants for this class must be able to stand and walk on their own with relative ease.  The instructor is certified and registered with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-500 level. She has taught a variety of yoga classes for three years and served as an assistant in a Yoga for 50+ class for over a year. While assisting she developed the skills for working with older adults and was inspired to create her own classes.


You have paved the way for so many, let our Aging Gracefully classes keep you feeling young along your journey. Come out and remember what it feels like to be a kid again.


“Don’t just age, Age Gracefully; there is a difference.”