yoga classYoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is the fusions of traditional yoga and weight training. In this format, we practice yoga postures and add hand weights to increase muscle tone, bone density and calorie burn. The yoga postures we incorporate in this class are suitable for anybody and any level of experience. The weights used range from 1 to 5 pounds. This class is a great addition to any workout regimen combining cardio vascular, strength and flexibility training.


These classes are designed for those new to Yoga and those with yoga experience in general and accommodate all levels of fitness. They introduce the foundations of Yoga, such as proper alignment and sequencing, and develop students’ mobility, strength, flexibility and stability. These dynamic classes focus largely on standing poses, seated poses, forward bends and other fundamental postures and pranayama (breathwork.) In this class, we take the basics of yoga and move forward to help each student explore their yoga practice in their own timeline.