Bernard Neely, Sr.

Bernard Nealy Sr- Independent Contractor, Certified Functional Strength Coach

Bernard is a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education professional and business owner currently enrolled at Regent University in STEM Education Graduate Studies.  He has a Master’s Degree in Information and Technology from AmericaInterConntential University.  

Bernard has been a fan of fitness and nutrition all his life.  He has participated in sports such as distance running, football, basketball, baseball, weightlifting, boxing, martial arts, and aerobics.  He has always been driven to exercise before, during, and after high school, military, and federal government service.  His desire to be a role model, recovery from back and knee surgeries, and the competitiveness within all drive him to stay fit.  

During his time in the military, Bernard served as a Master Fitness Trainer.  Here he learned the importance of staying physically fit during a military career.  As a military veteran, people may sustain a lot of injuries, both visibly and internally.  But it is important that everyone takes responsibility for their health, wellness, and fitness level.

Bernard is originally from Monticello, Florida.  He has been married for 45 years and has 4 children.  His kids have blessed him with 9 grandchildren.  When he is not busy keeping people in shape or mentoring/educating kids in STEAM field, you can find Bernard sleeping, reading, listening to Gospel and Jazz music, fishing, walking, and playing with grandkids. 

Currently, Bernard is working on his National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer Certification along with his Youth Sports Specialist Certification. 

Quote from Bernard: “What I have learned as a fitness professional over the years is staying fit is like going on a journey with many obstacles alone the way.  But still you must believe in yourself, learn not to be extreme just consistence, get plenty of rest when needed and have faith in God.”