Gerri Forrest

Gerri Forrest is a certified RYT 200 Yoga instructor. She received her training from Yoga Dharma of Huntsville. Gerri is so excited to be joining Team Restore, here at Restoring Bodies Fitness & Nutrition Services.

Gerri specializes in working with people who are interested and ready to explore how peace and happiness can come from experiencing the mind-body connection. Balance is everything in life, and unfortunately many do not know how to achieve that. She will be offering a class that will guide you in the practice of greater emotional balance, a deeper clarity of mind, and an overall empowering connection to your true purpose when it pertains to your goal in achieving complete health and wellness.

Gerri’s Story – “When I started yoga, I had an exercise routine that made my body stiff and sore every day.  I was even going to massage therapy once a week with no lasting pain relief.  I wanted desperately not to be in pain.  I was willing to try anything.  So, I went to my first yoga class and felt a little better. Then, I was in pain again.  I decided I would give it two weeks and see how I felt. I can only say that I was amazed at how much better I started to feel, and immediately stopped going to massage therapy altogether.”

Gerri’s classes do not require that you already be flexible, strong, and focused, they’re not for perfectly shaped, young athletes who are part Buddha, part Cirque du Soleil acrobats! They’re for regular people who want to grow, heal, and get closer to their best selves. She understands that Yoga can be hard for people just starting.  But she feels that the deep relaxation you feel afterward and the sense of pride at having done something good for yourself is tremendous.  The benefits will help relieve your stress, feel more at home in your body, and develop your mental ability to focus on what you want in life.

Gerri invites you and welcomes you to take the first step in a journey that will enhance your perspective of what Yoga really is, and how flexibility, strength, and complete wellness is only one breath away. Namaste!