Healthy Back, Happy Body – Introducing a New Class!

healthy back healthy body

We are happy to announce a new class for you. Healthy Back, Happy Body will teach you the 7 steps to posture improvement.  Keeping your back healthy is so important! Besides helping you avoid pain, it keeps your entire body youthful, and who doesn’t want that! This new 8-session yoga course starts March 1 at…

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Do we ever stop growing?


We all grow.  From the time we are born, our bodies continuously grow and get bigger.  (Sometimes not in a direction that we may want!)  But, have you ever noticed the curious phenomenon that as you grow up, at one point you start growing down? If you’ve reached your mid-fifties or later, go ahead, measure…

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January Blog: It’s Never Too Late!

it's never too late

We all remember the times when we were young, and our imaginations ran rapid with ideas of  how our lives were going to be when we grew up.  Then time passes, life continues and all the dreams and ideas we once had as a child have become nothing more than distant memories. Does this sound…

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The flip side of 2020

Here we go, staring at December. We have almost made it through 2020. What a year! From essential businesses to learning to do virtual school, it’s been an experience. We have learned to navigate Zoom, not to forget our masks and how to cherish our health and well-being. We are managing holidays without the hustle…

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The Holidays In 2020

Can you believe it? The holiday season is here, and whether you are ready or not; it looks quite different than times past. We all have read about the viruses and plagues in our history, and none of us could even imagine that this year would be the year that we would walk through a…

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