Eight Glasses of Water a Day!


Say what? First thing that pops into my mind are the locations of all the available bathrooms I need close by if I drink that much water. Second thing I contemplate are all the interruptions to my day it will cause to use said bathrooms upon consumption of that much water. Thirdly, what if there is no bathroom available. Do I really want to schedule my day around those eight glasses of H2O to make sure there will be a Loo available upon consummation?

The answer is NOOOO!! Or more accurately was NOOOO!!!

Proper water intake is necessary for a slew of reasons. After all the body is made of about 70% water. The body’s temperature regulation, waste elimination, joint lubrication, our mental clarity, lovely plump skin, healthy metabolism and so much more depend on good hydration. I want all of that but not the constant peeing. (Yes, I said It)

Well, come to find out one can train the bladder to be less finicky. Yes, the more we drink the better the bladder gets at what it does. After a short period of acclimatization, the urge to “go” becomes less frequent and eventually goes back to normal. Say hello to glowing skin, better memory, better sleep, and drum roll: Weight loss!!!

But how much is enough? Depends on the individual, the environment, a person’s activity level and body composition. Some people need more, some less. Eight glasses a day is a good suggestion, albeit not scientifically proven. Another way to measure how much water you should drink per day, would be your weight multiplied by 0.8= number of ounces you should drink, even during the Winter. (Example: 150 pounds x 0.8= 120 oz H2O per day). On hot days or on highly active days you might need even more.

Of course, Juice, Herbal tea, Milk and such, count towards that goal.

So, no more bathroom anxiety. Let us raise those water glasses! Bottoms up!