Team Restore Road Trip

Excitement is buzzing in the air here at Restoring Bodies Fitness & Nutrition Services. We are headed to ATLANTA! One of our company goals is to truly bring you all evidence-based, science-based, workouts and nutrition information; and the only way to do this, is to ensure that we all are on the same page when we instruct our classes. We pride ourselves on learning what is safe and not safe while working with a unique group of clients like you.  If we are going to assist you in the quest to Age gracefully, we must continue to educate and equip ourselves with the most up to date and effective information.

On the 5th of August, our Team Restore Coaches, are hitting the highway and kicking it up a notch. We will be attending our first fitness conference that is specifically designed with the Aging Gracefully community in mind. We are so excited to be exploring new and expressive ways to help you continue your journey of remaining healthy and independent. It will also give us time to spend together as a team. We truly believe that teamwork makes the dream work. Now, don’t get nervous we will be back Monday morning all bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

If you haven’t taken advantage of all our class offerings, the 7th of August may be the time to start finding out what you’ve been missing. Remember- “Small Steps Lead to Big Results, and Don’t Just Age, Age Gracefully.”


Tammie S. Brown MPH, RDN, LD
Owner, Restoring Bodies Fitness & Nutrition Services