Help! I’m Burned Out. Overcoming Burnout Today (part 2)


Surprise! Here we are on the 2nd article on the subject of burnout, and we’re on time and ready to get the party started. After writing the first article, I began to take what I was writing about seriously and started to apply it to my own needs. I refuse to fall victim to something that I am able to control, but for some it is not that easy or obvious. Part 2 of this article is going to address the onset signs of stress and burnout.

Burnout is defined as a state of mind that comes with long-term, unresolved stress. I have some unresolved stress that has been lingering in my life for about 8 years now; and that stress is a career change. Who knew that changing a career would be so difficult? For me, I didn’t only do a career change; I had to go to school full-time to complete it, and I am still not there.  The finish line is close, but it all depends on me at the moment. Talk about pressure, phew, it is real and unresolved. What do I do next? I begin to pay attention; close attention to myself, and my mental wellness.

The onset of stress is associated with an issue that seems to be lingering and unbearable at times, and one should be on high alert. That is the correct way for our body to respond initially.  However, we must be able to realize when we are no longer in danger.  There are warning signs that are rearing their ugly heads, and we, especially Americans, have a problem with identifying red flags.  At least, I know I do. When we are experiencing burn out, we must commit to awareness, to being present. Understanding that one day will look different than the next is important. Placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves as we journey from day to day is not wise and will cause the onset of stress to take over very quickly.

There are signs or red flags, as I like to call them, that we should be aware of as we are trying to avoid burn out and becoming overwhelmed. One sign is anxiety, being anxious causes us to have irrational thoughts and behaviors.  Learning to keep calm when things are out of sort is important, no one can think when anxiety is running rampant. The next sign is change in appetite and diet. When we don’t know if we are coming and going; we still need to ensure we have a balanced nutrition.  Keeping ourselves in the forefront is important if we want the mission to be complete and successful. Finally, lack of social interaction is a sign of burn out.  We all should know how important that really is.  I mean look at what we are going through as a world, how people are risking their safety because they miss their friends and family. Keeping socially interactive is important, even if it is through a screen from time to time.

Understanding that the onset of stress can derail our plans and health quickly is a vital skill set to have. Remember, ignoring the signs of stress can have serious consequences.  Staying alert, and in the moment will help make the process a little easier. In our next blog we will discuss part 3 of burn out, and how Chronic Stress can cause some serious issue.

Tammie S. Brown


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