January Blog: It’s Never Too Late!

We all remember the times when we were young, and our imaginations ran rapid with ideas of  how our lives were going to be when we grew up.  Then time passes, life continues and all the dreams and ideas we once had as a child have become nothing more than distant memories. Does this sound familiar? I know for me it did.  For a long time, I had dreams of all the things I wanted to be when I grew up.  To be honest, some came to pass but others are just distant memories.  But that isn’t the end of the story!  Even though I didn’t become that Olympic sprinter, or that famous singer you hear on the radio, I have become so much more. The year 2020 is in the rear-view mirror in all our lives.  Last year was difficult for many, but for some it was a year of blessing.  I had been on a journey for seven and half years, a journey that started in my mid-forties.  Now as I stare into the eyes of my second year of living in my fifties, I realize that journey was just the beginning of something so much bigger than me. That journey has given me hope and a determination that will continue well into the new year.

You may be looking in that rear-view mirror or reminiscing over your childhood dreams.  You may be even thinking about all the dreams and plans you had for 2020, and we all know how that has turned out. I am here to say, it’s never too late to start again. Yes, another year has passed, and we still haven’t finished the projects from 2019. Don’t lay them to the side, don’t wish for your years of youth again, instead, pick-up where you left off.  That’s right; gather yourself, your thoughts, and your abilities and begin again.  Take a deep breath and exhale and get at IT, whatever IT is.

You may be in your 40’s, 50’s or even your 60’s and beyond, if that idea, business, or degree is still knocking at the door of your heart, it is time to get dressed and open the door of opportunity and make it a reality for your life. It’s never too late to dream, accomplish and create a life that brings self-satisfaction for yourself and many others. As I close our first blog post for the year; I encourage you to go and be all that you were created to be no matter what age you are now.  Some of the best things in life were created by those who felt they were well past their prime of life. It’s never too late to begin again.