Recovery Reality

Oh, sweet recovery, come to me. This is hard. Harder than I anticipated. But slowly but surely I will get there. In December I tore my Achilles’ tendon. As much as I wish I had a cool story to go along with this, like I was doing a 10k for charity…I don’t. Reality is, I was trotting along behind my pug and I felt a pop. That’s how easy it was for my body to become injured. Air cast, physical therapy and meds, all failed. I had surgery on May 7th.

Now I’m recovering. And recovering after 45, when you’re not in the shape you used to be is difficult. Nothing has gone smoothly. I am non weight bearing. So I’m willing my good leg to be stronger than it is. I’m saying “Tree pose, Tree pose” when I stand up ( thanks Claudia ) I’ve had a few stumbles and an actual fall ( that set me back some ) gravity is a lot faster than it was when I was a kid! You really don’t bounce back like ya used to.

This recovery is something I absolutely underestimated. I regret not focusing on strengthening beforehand. I’ll tell you, there is a lot of mental health that goes hand and hand with this. I’m trying to focus on the positive. Every day is one day closer to normal. Small steps lead to big results right?

This entire process has me thinking of how I can make some changes to my wellness. I can, at this moment implement eating better. That has been helping me emotionally. Even though I can’t get around very well I have knee scootered outside on my patio. I’ve committed to yoga and daily walking when I am cleared. I’ve got to get myself stronger. My back, my core, my mind. Hindsight is 20/20 & I have the perfect tools at Restoring Bodies! I am absolutely going to utilize that resource when I return.

I absolutely miss you all. I hope to be back soon.

Until then I wish you health, happiness and peace.

~ Lori