The flip side of 2020

Here we go, staring at December. We have almost made it through 2020. What a year! From essential businesses to learning to do virtual school, it’s been an experience. We have learned to navigate Zoom, not to forget our masks and how to cherish our health and well-being. We are managing holidays without the hustle and bustle of many guests. Maybe to some it’s lacking but to me it’s like we hit the pause button.  The world wasn’t spinning so fast. We dusted off old board games. We cleaned out closets. I got to take a walk with my husband and dogs every day. Not a quick walk, but a stroll around the neighborhood. I learned that I was still one heck of a cook. I also learned cutting hair wasn’t in my skill set. But sometimes my anxiety would almost get the best of me. I was used to a routine, a schedule, one that no longer existed.   I had to remind myself to breathe and that “this too will pass.” I started doing mindful meditation, listening to uplifting podcasts and discovering the love for new music…and old classics I’ve not heard in a while.

Everything has slowed down enough to make me value the one thing we can’t do over or buy back, and that’s time. I don’t want to go without recognizing how the years seem to have wings these days. Even though 2020 has been quite the learning curve, I am trying to appreciate the slower pace. I’m enjoying the break I have allowed myself. I have become more at peace with just being “still”. 

So, as we barrel towards the end of the year, try to remember how much we’ve discovered about ourselves. Know this pandemic is just temporary. Remember how we can still be together via phone, social media, video chat and email. Maybe we should break out the good china more often, for no other reason than “just because”. Sweating the small stuff is SO 2019.

Please remember, our mental health is so important. Sometimes it is overlooked because people don’t want to discuss it with others. I know for me it was hard to reach out for help. But I did, and I’ve learned that slowing down is good for me. I don’t have to have everything set in stone, or completely perfect. This year of chaos has centered me back to personal peace. I’ll be forever grateful to 2020. May health, peace and love be with you all. Have the happiest of holidays.