The Holidays In 2020

Can you believe it? The holiday season is here, and whether you are ready or not; it looks quite different than times past. We all have read about the viruses and plagues in our history, and none of us could even imagine that this year would be the year that we would walk through a global pandemic. But all is not lost, we still have something for which to be thankful.  Although celebrating may not look like last year; it doesn’t mean we can’t still gather with friends and family.  It just means it will look a little different than before.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years right around the corner, and family gatherings may or may not happen, Restoring Bodies wants to offer some family fun suggestions for gatherings in person or apart. This year you can prepare a meal either in person or virtually, that’s correct, I said virtually. Have everyone send the recipe for their most popular dish that they would normally make and bring with them, if practicing safe distancing, everyone will make that dish and share the results via video conferencing, or if that person is the only one missing at this years gathering have them join in virtually and enjoy the dish with them.

If gathering in person please practice safe distancing and mask wearing, maybe take temps at the door or if someone hasn’t been feeling well when it is time to gather ask them politely not to put any of the other loved ones in a sticky situation. We know many are tired of missing important family gatherings, but isn’t it more important to be able to have those gatherings after all this has passed?

Lastly, enjoy the holidays the best way you can; eat, laugh, and be merry. Don’t overindulge in your favorite meals but do continue to move after that delicious and satisfying dessert. Exercise and portion control are still important, maybe eat a little something a couple of hours before the big meal so you won’t pile your plate up trying to fit all the favorites on one plate. This is year is definitely different and that’s okay, just enjoy what you can and don’t worry about what comes next.