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A little bit about flexibility

Flexibility  [ˌfleksəˈbilədē]  NOUN flexibility (noun) the quality of bending easily without breaking  Flexibility is also described as the ability to move through a complete range of motion or the elongation of soft tissues to increase joint range of motion. In short, flexibility helps you move your body with ease. Pretty important part of everyday life, right? But you will be surprised. Flexibility training is the most neglected part of the health and fitness components. All too often folks skip…

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What is Yoga?

First, let us go over what yoga is NOT.  Yoga is not just for flexible people; it is not just elegant stretching; it is not a religion and it is not a competition!  It is a 5,000-year-old system that teaches people how-to live-in harmony with one another and with nature.  Patanjali is credited with writing these instructions down for future generations 400 – 500 years ago.  Before then, yoga and all its benefits and instructions were passed…

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4 Nutritional Myths You Should Not Fall For

We wanted to share this article with you because it has such great information.

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Plan a Good Day!

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